Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees by Rail is getting bigger with every minute. The train journey which started yesterday evening is going rock solid and is becoming a milestone. The latest addition to Khan’s fantastic train journey is meeting cricketers Irrfan and Yusuf Pathan at Vadodara station. The actor met the Pathan brothers and clicked pics with them, amid a throng of people. As you folks know, just two days before the release of Khan’s much awaited film, Raees, the actor took a train to Delhi with his crew and a few media officials.

This is the first time that any superstar has resorted to travelling by train to promote a film. We think its super cool as at every station, people are waiting for the star to just wave at them from the window. Along with the 51-year old is is film’s director Rahul Dholakia, producer Ritesh Sidhwani and Laila aka Sunny Leone. our reporter too is travelling with the actor and from what she’s been telling us, time spent with SRK is definitely worth it. We couldn’t agree more with her. We have been posting stuff on our Snapchat as well as twitter so you can check our handles for hottest updates. Oh but before you do that, you better look at these pics of Shah Rukh with the Pathan boys. Don’t they look super cute together? As you can see, despite all the crowd that has engulfed them, they’re still all smiles with no frown of discomfort whatsoever.


While there are some highlights about the journey so far, there are also some tragedies that have struck. Unfortunately, at the Vadodara station, after a near stampede that broke out, a man succumbed to cardiac arrerst. The whole point of Raees going by rail is so fans can get a glimpse of the actor at the station in all the stops the train takes a halt at. However, Khan’s fandom seems to be very strong in the state of Gujarat as a lot of fans created a huge ruckus at the station to see the actor. This resulted in an uncontrollable mass stampede for which police had to resort to lathi charge. Amid the whole situation, one man passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest due to his health condition.

Farid Khan Sehrani was caught in the near-stampede, at the Vadodara station where he was with his family to meet a female journalist on board with Shah Rukh. While there have been reports suggesting that it was due to suffocation that caused the death of the man, turns out it was his weak heart condition that gave in after a panic attack. Although, the stampede worsened the situation but the deceased was a heart patient and collapsed due to cardiac arrest, that followed the panic attack. Despite Khan propogating safety, the fandom has definitely turned deaf ears as they were in a frenzy. Let’s hope the remaining journey has no casualties.

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Shah Rukh Khan meets Irrfan and Yusuf Pathan at Vadodara station
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