Shah Rukh Khan unleashed his star power and irresistible swag as he walked as the showstopper for the Mijwan Summer 2017. However, what everyone was waiting for was a reaction from King Khan on the news of his buddy Karan Johar becoming a father. Today, the ace filmmaker announced that he is a proud parent to Yash and Roohi, twins from a surrogate mother. Everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Sonakshi Sinha had taken to Twitter to congratulate Karan on this happy news. However, Shah Rukh Khan did not post anything on Twitter or Insta. This made everyone curious about his reaction. We know he must be happy to be the much loved uncle.


At the Mijwan Summer 2017, he said, “It’s a personal moment. Let’s respect the privacy. Of course we all are very happy. We wish him happiness. It’s still very personal. So, don’t think I am being cagey by not answering about it. I have had this moment in my life so I know how personal it is. So, let’s respect it and leave it at that. We will have love, celebrations, happiness and health later.” Isn’t that the most beautiful and thoughtful perspective on Karan’s new chapter in life.

Shah Rukh Khan can fully understand Karan’s emotions right now. He also had AbRam through surrogacy in 2013. There was a lot of hullabaloo around him at the early stage some of which made SRK quite upset. We are sure that Karan would have inspired by Shah Rukh in some way. In the coming days, we are sure Shah Rukh will give some tips to the new dad on the block.

5 quotes by Karan Johar on parenthood

Unless you were living under a rock, you would know that Karan Johar has become a proud father of twins via a surrogate. For everyone, except for a very few, this was a very pleasant surprise. No one had the slightest hint of it, despite the fact that the surrogate had given birth to the babies about a month ago. Well, this one is on us. Karan had been dropping subtle hints about his upcoming fatherhood in the past, and just looked right through it. Don’t believe us? Here are a few quotes by the filmmaker from the recent times, where Karan talked about embracing fatherhood. From his words it is totally clear that he was fully prepared for this new journey.

At the launch of his memoir, An Unsuitable Boy, Karan was quizzed about having kids one day. He said, “For me, a child means an old-age insurance policy. I have a nurturing quality in me. I saw that when I launched Alia, Varun and Sid in Student of the Year. I can’t let go of them even now. I see myself staring at them to see what they are doing and how they are doing. I am very strongly paternal. My paternal instincts need to be acted upon. My love needs a release. I love everyone. I don’t express my love enough, but the love within me needs a platform as a parent”. Yes! We missed this hint completely.

In his book he writes fondly about AbRam, Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son. “I have that the maternal and paternal feeling – I feel it for Gauri and SRK’s kids. I go to Gauri’s house now to play with AbRam. Even if Gauri is not there, I go and sit and him. And he comes and spends time with my mum all the time. My mum loves him. He is like a toy that you want to own. He came to the office the other day and the entire staff came out to see him. Everyone was behaving as if Brad Pitt had arrived. He was delighted with all the attention,”  The way he talks about AbRam, it is very evident, now, that he loves kids. And wanted one for himself.

When Kareena Kapoor Khan’s new born’s name was subjected to scrutiny, Karan took major offence. He lashed out saying, “It’s such a proud moment for the wonderful family, Saif, Kareena and the entire family. It is really unfair the way people reacted to this beautiful blue-eyed baby’s name. It’s their prerogative what they name their son and it is their decision to what name they want,” We can see how protective instinct were already kicking in.

Recently Rajeev Masand visited Dharma Productions’ office and interview the head honcho Karan. At one point in the interview Karan said, “There hasn’t been a single day in the recent past that I haven’t thought about children, because I feel I have a very strong nurturing quality. I feel like I have all the love to give. Me and my mother are completely prepared and are ready bring in a life into our lives. We have the ability and the emotional know-how. I have nurtured about 25-30 people within my company. Actors and filmmakers who came to me when they were very young. So about having children one day…I will, I might, I hope I can.”

And finally, he wrote in his book, “I have been thinking about having a child for a long time. It is the biggest emotional thought in my head right now. I am not growing any younger. You know that you have lived half of your life at least. So you assess all the things you have done or not done. All the things you have done are great, because you are done with them. But what about the things you haven’t?” He literally told us that he is going to have kids and we missed out on it.

Well, we are very happy for Karan, and are sure that he will be a wonderful father to Roohi and Yash.

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Shah Rukh Khan says he is happy at KJo becoming a dad but feels privacy must be respected
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