Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan‘s love story is what fairy tales are all about. Two people in love, separated by families, united by love and eventually, a happy ending. They have redefined the line ‘Happily Ever-after’ for us. And what makes it even more grand is the way Shah Rukh supports his wifey’s work.

Like for example today, he introduced Gauri Khan to twitter with one word which has the world in it. He has just written ‘Beginnings’ but that holds so much love and promise.

Now first of all, let us tell you, Gauri hasn’t joined Twitter to use it as her personal account. In fact, her Twitter reads Gauri Khan Designs while the bio says, “Design, turnkey projects and furniture. Roberto Cavalli Home, Bentley Home and RalphLauren Home. E:”


So it’s obvious this account will keep everyone posted on every new design and work that SRK’s darling wife will take up. She is already there on Instagram where she often posts pictures of her family members, mostly her kids. She was the one who gave us a sneak peek into Mannat during Shah Rukh’s birthday with a lovely pic of only the family celebrating it. Hence, we are hoping we might get a peek here too.

Shah Rukh Khan  ✔@iamsrk


Gauri Khan is not just a star wife but is also a very successful entrepreneur. She has done up Ranbir Kapoor’s house which his father Rishi Kapoor can’t stop raving about. The latter had even tweeted about it praising Gauri. He wrote, “Vastu” Wonderful! Gauri Khan! You have made a home out of Ranbir’s house.

Beautifully done! Both Neetu and me are overwhelmed. Thank you!” So with such prestigious and a very happy one at that behind her, Gauri has made a name for herself and her husband is only too proud to flaunt it. AWW

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Shah Rukh Khan shared a tweet by Gauri Khan designs and we are psyched
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