Now it’s known for a fact Shah Rukh Khan has a complicated medical history. He has been through several surgeries in the past right from his injured knee, back to shoulder and toe. Speaking of which, today SRK underwent yet another surgery, again to treat his left shoulder that has been bothering him since a decade. However, despite this being his second surgery on the same shoulder, Shah Rukh is feeling something really good about it; all thanks to his doctors who did this sweet gesture to make him smile. One look at the above picture and you will know what are we trying to say. 


So to avoid any complication/confusion with the injured side of the shoulder, the doctors actually wrote, “Not Me” on the other shoulder, just so that they don’t mess up. Now how thoughtful is that? SRK took to Instagram and shared this picture saying, “Had a minor follow up surgery on my left shoulder.They marked my right hand like this, so there is no mistake. Sweet.”

For all the ignorant, SRK injured his left shoulder while shooting for an action scene for his film Dulha Mil Gaya in the year 2007. Unfortunately, his supraspinatus (one of the rotator muscles) was damaged. This was the very first time that SRK damaged his left shoulder. A year later in 2008, Shah Rukh Khan injured the same shoulder once again while shooting for ‘My Name Is Khan’. Being a professional, he didn’t treat the injury immediately but waited for the shooting to get over. In the year 2013, Shah Rukh Khan again underwent a shoulder surgery after he was hurt badly while shooting for Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express. Though he treated his injury in London, he got it operated in a Mumbai hospital.

In addition to the above, Shah Rukh Khan’s left knee is equally troublesome. Although he finally underwent an arthroscopic surgery of his left knee after suffering from repeated swellings and pain last year. There’s still no sign of permanent relief; the reason why you also get to see him with a medical kneecap every now and then.

We hope a speedy recovery to Shah Rukh. Keep watching this space for more updates on this story.

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Shah Rukh Khan underwent a shoulder surgery!
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