Shah Rukh Khan walked the ramp at Mijwan Summer 2017 and looked every bit royal and regal. He wore a Manish Malhotra couture, and was accompanied by his Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi co-star Anushka Sharma. It was sight to behold as the actor took footsteps across the ramp, mesmerising everyone. At the media interaction, after the walk, he made sure he answer the questions asked with his A-grade charm and admirable wit.

We all know about the travel ban that has been imposed by US President Donald Trump. When asked to comment on the situation, SRK simply told the reporter, that he would headbutt him if he asked any controversial question. The actor further added that they will meet up the next day and discuss the crucial matter in details. Such a reply when said with an infectious smile, of course had to generate a laughter from the onlookers.


Well, given his track record, obviously Shah Rukh Khan chose to not answer this question. In a recent interview with AIB, the actor even quipped about the fact that how he has stopped waking up happily since his statements have started churning controversies. The bit was really hilarious, and gives an insight about how a celebrity’s comments often stir up a big controversy.

Recently Logan actor Hugh Jackman said in an interview with Rajeev Masand that it might happen one day that SRK takes up the role after he quits it. Fan boys of Hugh and SRK could not stop gushing over this hypothetical situation. SRK had tweeted later about it saying that he trying to grow chest hair in order to play the character of Wolverine. He again spoke about it at Mijwan Summer 2017, and said, “What Hugh said was true! But I would have to grow chest on my hair for the role. I am working on it. Main saande ka tel laga raha hun apni chaati pe. If hair grow, I will play a fantastic Wolverine.” Anushka, who was standing next to him was clueless about what on Earth was ‘saande ka tel’.

Shah Rukh was, like always, at his witty best at Mijwan Summer 2017, and we just can’t get enough of his videos.

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Shah Rukh Khan was asked about Donald Trump’s travel ban
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