Kangana Ranaut never shies away in making bold statements and pouring her heart out. The Queen actor is going out and about promoting her upcoming film, Rangoon. Yesterday, during Koffee With Khan, she made some really shocking statements and even went on to politely nag Karan Johar for nepotism.

When Karan asked about her experience of working with Shahid, she took a dig at him and said, “Shahid is very moody. So his good days are like very good, he would get breakfast for the entire crew and be so nice. But the bad days are equally bad. He would look at me as if I’m some suicide bomber.”


Many might aree that her statements lately were bold and courageous. Here are some of the statements by the ‘Queen’ that made it to the news:

When Kangana asked Deepika to leave her alone


Kangana and Deepika Padukone’s cat fight is the hottest talk of the town. What started with Deepika missing the screening of TWMR, is still going strong. At an interview, when Kangana was asked what her relation with Deepika was, she blatantly said that she just wanted to be left alone. She also added that she doesn’t appreciate it when people interfere in her life.

When Kangana said there is no competition for her

In a recent interview to a leading magazine, Kangana said that there is no competition for her in the industry. She further added that no other actress could have played the role of Datto in Tanu Weds Manu Returns or taken up a project like Queen. However, this comment of hers received flak from actress Divya Dutta as she said Kangana doesn’t know there is a lot of talent around.

When Kangana called close friends in the industry f**k buddies

These are probably the most controversial words to leave Kangana’s mouth. At an interview, during a rapid fire round, she was asked what the industry term ‘good friend’ meant to her.  She gave a bold reply instantly, “just good friends’ means a f**k buddy who’s been slightly promoted.”

When Kangana said she deserves to be the highest paid actress

Kangana, who is known to experiment with her roles, is the highest paid actress of Bollywood. When she came to know about this, she said, “I think the kind of films and roles I do takes a whole year… I think it is justified. At some point, we have to come to that place where we are equally paid. It is a small step… we are headed to that direction.” This definitely miffed her contemporaries who felt she was proving them inferior.

When Kangana said people are trying to pull her down

Well, she has seen difficult days in her former years of Bollywood. She was turned down by many directors but she did carve a niche for herself. At the peak of her career, Kangana felt that people in the industry wanted to see her fail. At an interview to a leading daily she said, “I know what’s going on. There are some people who don’t like what I am getting to do. I seem to have become the easiest target. So, all kinds of stories about me are being floated. If I go on to clarify, I fall into a trap. The idea is to make me lose focus and I must admit that it has been very demoralising. I am horrified to see how bitter and negative people here can get.”

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Shahid is very moody; would look at me as if I'm some suicide bomber - Kangana Ranaut
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