Shahid Kapoor On Real Photo Of Misha
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Recently, Shahid Kapoor shared a picture of his daughter, Misha, at their home in Juhu. While was the first real “glimpse” we were getting of her, it was still a fairly blurry photo.


Even when their baby has been with them at the airport and such, they’ve taken care to protect her from the paparazzi flashes, and rightly so.


Hello world. 🌼

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Now, Shahid has revealed that he will share a real photo of her soon. At a recent event, he said that he and Mira are “happy to share her picture with everyone”, but didn’t have an occasion to do it.

Now, he’s thinking of doing it on his birthday, which is the 25th of this month. Guess we have to keep an eye out on his Instagram!

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