Trouble kept erupting on the sets of Padmavati but a headstrong Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not going to give up on the project! After returning from their Kolhapur schedule, SLB and his team have started shooting for the next schedule that is currently rolling in Film City. Shahid Kapoor has already started shooting his scenes for the film. And reports also state that Deepika Padukone will resume shooting for the film. Security and safety of his cast and crew have become a primary concern for Bhansali and to ensure that nothing happens here in Mumbai, they’re extra careful. Both Shahid and Deepika recently returned from their respective trips and are giving all their time to Padmavati. For his role as Raja Ratan Rawal Singh, Sasha has undergone special sword fighting and horse riding training from experts.

As there are no scenes between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, the actor won’t be a part of this schedule. Many of the scenes the actor has are with his onscreen wife. Deepika recently returned from Rishikesh. We had shared pics of how Deepika was at an ashram in the North, offering prayers as well as performing the Ganga aarti. Perhaps her prayers might be for the smooth shooting of the film. You see, all the three actors are in a fix as they have given their dates to Bhansali. Due to this, they wouldn’t be able to work on any project, without making alterations to their looks. Quite a pickle, isn’t it? It is saddening that the project is being hounded by hooligans who are trying to stop the production. The film has actually faced a lot of extra financial problems because of the sudden vandalism and set destruction.


We’ve noticed that ever since the project kicked off, there has been trouble after trouble for the makers. From extreme vandalism to the director being manhandled, it is shameful and disgraceful, how people are treating the film. We just hope that nothing of that sort happens here in Mumbai.
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