Shahid Kapoor kept daughter Misha away from the media since her birth last year. However, he finally shared an adorable picture of his six-month-old baby girl last week and we couldn’t get over her cuteness.

However, like every father is protective of his daughter, Shahid is extremely guarded about Misha with the media paying a lot of attention to star kids these days, Shahid is worried if Misha will be able to live a normal life or not. Her wants her to enjoy life as a normal child and not like a star kid. But will that be possible?

While talking to a leading daily, the Rangoon actor said, “You want her to feel normal, but everyone talks about her so much that you get worried about her having to deal with that baggage.


I just hope that Misha can be as normal as possible. That’s the only wish I have for her. I hope she can enjoy life like a normal child.”

Shahid has time and again displayed how loving and caring he is as a father. Earlier, he expressed anger towards the paparazzi coz they were using flashlights to capture pictures of newborn babies.

Shahid mentioned how these flashes could be detrimental for the tiny tots and we totally agree with him. And now again he has come out and opened up about how his kid should be treated like a normal child and not as a star kid

Last week, Shahid posted the first picture of Misha. In the image, we saw his wifey Mira hugging daughter Misha in an adorable way. He captioned it as, “Hello World.”

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Shahid Kapoor wishes daughter Misha can enjoy life like a normal kid and not be treated as a star kid
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