Shobhaa De has sparked yet another war of words, and once again she is at the receiving end of the backlash from Twitterati. The elite troll, popular for voyaging into Bermuda Triangle of her brain, often says things that are hard to digest for anyone. The latest victim of her online trolling was the Mumbai Police. But no one messes with the Mumbai Police and Shobha learnt it the harder way.

Amidst the BMC elections, Shobhaa found an opportunity to Tweet out a picture of an overweight policeman sitting on a chair and captioned it saying “heavy” safeguard for the day. But Mumbai police didn’t take this trolling sitting down. Their response was savage and full of every bit of class that Shobhaa pretends to have at Page 3 parties. “We love puns too Ms De but this one is totally misplaced. Uniform/official, not ours. We expect better from responsible citizens like you.” they wrote on their official Twitter handle.


This is absolutely not the first time that someone has managed to escort Shobhaa De to her spot, with the mere use of words. Remember the Twitter showdown between Shobhaa and Sonam Kapoor? Sonam’s tiff with Shobhaa started when the author criticised her film I Hate Luv Storys in one of her blogs, terming it as “I Hate Dumb Storys” and calling Sonam “a lassie who lacks oomph”. Later, the actress posted on the social media platform: “Guys please don’t take Shobhaa De seriously. She’s a fossil who’s getting no action and going through menopause. So just for her.”

Shobhaa had also mocked Indian athletes participating in Olympics 2016, saying that their aim was only to click selfies and return without any medal. Her tweet angered many who slammed and trolled the writer. Do we really need to remind you how that fared for her?

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Shobhaa De learns a lesson, yet again
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