Although Priyanka Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra haven’t been romantically paired opposite each other in movies yet, we saw a glimpse of their chemistry in a latest jewellery ad. And as expected, they look wow together! Well, looks like Sid has already worked with a Hollywood star now!

The two-minute ad is out and everyone’s raving about their on-screen chemistry. Tell Sid that and he agrees and adds, “Priyanka is a fun actor to work with. We did hit it off really well in the first hour. It is commendable to see how she manages her time so seamlessly. She is fabulous at multi-tasking.”

Initially when the pic of them together first surfaced on social media, we thought it was for a photoshoot of some sort. But a day before Valentine’s Day, the ad was released and boy was it awesome. In the ad, while Sid is trying his best to propose to his bae, that is Priyanka, she keeps stressing on saying ‘no’ to anything and everything! It’s an endearing ad which a lot of folks in love can relate to.


Discussing their time on the set together, he shares, “We talked about everything from her upbringing in Bareilly to Punjabi culture. We even spoke about her experience in the US. Our ad is out and the people are loving it. So it feels great.” Agreeing that the two actors should be seen together on the big screen as well, Sid says, “I hope that directors are reading this. Hopefully, we will get something good together soon. I think it will be very exciting to watch a fresh pair like us on the silver screen in a full-fledged film.”

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Sidharth Malhotra has to say about working with Priyanka Chopra in an ad film
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