Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor have shared the Koffee With Karan couch with quite a few divas in the past. However, bringing them together was perhaps a bad idea. There was too much love, lot of bore and very less sass. Both the actresses, who are known for their sassy comments and bold nature were extremely guarded on the couch. In fact, Sonam was a totally different person. We remember the actress being very cheeky with controversial comments and opinions on almost everything. But all the spunks seemed to have gone out of the window for some reason. Even Bebo wasn’t her best. There was something extremely dull about the show and as we stated earlier that it was a yawn fest, the entry of Arjun Kapoor also couldn’t save the it.

Not one or two but we found ten such instances where while Sonam was guarded, Kareena was least interested. It is a little surprising to see that despite coming from sass background, both the divas were being super diplomatic. Ah, we’ll stop with our rant and go straight to the 10 instances where we expected to see the best of Bebo and Sk but saw the dullest of them!


Bebo spacing out when Sonam spoke about her!

In the beginning of the episode, about 4 minutes passed when Sonam started speaking highly of her couch buddy. However, the senior actress spaced out in the middle of SK’s talk. Yep. She seemed busy in her own La La Land while Sonam spoke about Ki & Ka, Neerja and Kareena.

Both Sonam and Kareena being safe about views on Deepika

We remember quite well how actresses have spoken openly about their rapport with Deepika Padukone. On the couch, when asked about the Hollywood debutant, both Sonam and Kareena played it safe by saying they didn’t really know how the 31 year old would pave her way but Priyanka Chopra has done us super proud. You see, they both were in no mood to comment on the actress.

Sonam kept mum about her London based boyfriend

While we totally respect her wish to keep things private, perhaps no comments on rumoured boyfriend Anand Ahuja was a little surprising. We remember very well that every time she was on the Koffee couch, she spilled a lot of beans. However, this time she decided to keep things to herself and make us yawn.

When nobody wanted to talk about guys, KJo tried to set Sonam up with

All three of them unanimously decided to stay out of naming the boys Karan Johar tried to set Sonam up with. While there were three of which Kareena knew one, none of them wanted to divulge more on the same. Seriously guys?! Why bring it up if you want to keep it a suspense?

Kareena’s lack of interest when Sonam spoke of Ranbir

Bebo was literally playing with her hair when Sonam was talking about how Karisma wants her to hit it off with Ranbir. In fact, Karan even called her on the same to which the diva made a face implying ‘no yaa’. Of course, later when asked if she can imagine Sonam as her in-law, Bebo slyly just said, whatever makes her cousin happy is fine with her!

When Karan called on Sonam for the drastic change

KJo literally made the girls go through all their Koffee rendezvous and just as he stated, there was a massive change in Sonam’s persona. She was more poised, yes but also more quiet, unlike other times. The actress did sound less enthusiastic and more guarded on the show.

Boring rapid fire round

The best part of Karan’s show became the dullest one in Kareena and Sonam’s episode, courtesy their lack of interest. Bebo was constantly being safe about her answers and even steered clear from giving controversial answers by dodging questions. However, Sonam forgot what a rapid fire means as she started explaining all her answers.

Kareena seemed to have done a little image building for Ranbir

There was absolutely nothing bad she wished to hear about her cousin and every time any question about him was asked, she simply dodged it by saying what a wondering brother he is. While it was all too sweet in the start, later as the show went on, the episode seemed like an image building session for Ranbir.

Sonam Kapoor later accepted and lauded herself for being diplomatic

The actress initially was super quiet but by the end of the show when Arjun walked in, the first thing she asked him was how did she do as a diplomatic person! In fact, she even brought up this fact that she was told to avoid being controversial. Now would you believe that?! Someone actually told SK to not be her sassy self.

Karan finally asks Sonam about the change in nature

By the end of the show as Kareena won the rapid fire round and Sonam was vocal about her dismay over the same, KJo finally asked the actress about the change in nature. He was upfront as he asked her why the sudden change in nature. To this Sonam plainly put it that she thinks she should keep her opinions to herself. Well, we wonder what brought this change.

In case you missed it, you can check it out here. We’d really like to know if you felt the same about the show., So drop your comments in the box below. Stay tuned to this space for the next episode as it’s going to have desi girl Priyanka Chopra!

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