A lot of people have often used feminism to their benefit, leading the word itself to leave a negative connotation. But Sonakshi Sinha begs to differ. She thinks it’s all ab out helping the opposite gender and supporting equality! As all the ladies celebrate International Women’s Day today, divas from B-town too have voiced their take on feminism, gender equality, the word feminism and more. Among them, the Noor actress has also shed light on how the term feminism is not used right. “I feel feminism is all about uplifting one another. It’s not about male bashing and using it to your advantage. You can’t use it as per your convenience. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that you have to bash the other sex. For me, feminism is about helping each other out, uplift each other and support gender equality,” says Sonakshi.


People have a misconception about feminism as many tend to misunderstand the term to male bashing. But that’s not what it’s about. Sonakshi says, “Yes, some people do that. But that’s not what it’s about. A lot of people try and use it to their advantage, and you aren’t supposed to use it to your advantage, but for the upliftment of women. Today, a man can also be a feminist, if he supports and fights for equality of women. So, it’s not restricted to just women. A feminist can be anyone, regardless of the gender.

With the times changing and women owning the industry like bawses, there’s barely room for lack of gender equality. However, still, even to this day, divas claim that the particular peril consists. So as the lack of equality topic is touched, once again, the payscale gap between actors and actresses in the industry is discussed. To this Sona feels that it’s high time the bias is wiped out. While we are fighting for equality in so many different fields, why shouldn’t things be equal for us too? Today, we live in a time when films are being written and made keeping female protagonists in mind. So, if a film can have a male lead and he can be paid a certain amount, why can’t you pay a female actor the same? It’s logical. But as I said, women have started raising their voices and I think things are moving in a direction where that change will also happen.”

Sonakshi Sinha’s take on feminism is surely making us feel good about womanhood! Her subtle but strong points have given us a very good take on the subject of feminism. Don’t you think? You can tell us your thoughts on the same in the comments section below. Happy Women’s Day everyone!

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Sonakshi Sinha, on International Women's Day, talks about feminism, gender equality and Bollywood!
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