Sonakshi Sinha is the most excited girl in the industry right now, courtesy her upcoming film, Noor. The actress plays a journalist in the movie and the trailer does look quite promising. Noor will, hopefully, one of the most unique films this year. You can definitely relate to her character in the film and it is going to be a different experience altogether for journalists. The actress screamed and twirled at the trailer launched when asked about how she was feeling at the trailer launch. Now that’s damn cute! But we didn’t quite like what Sonakshi wore for the trailer launch.


Sonakshi wore a Lavish Alice outfit paired up with heels from Aldo. The overcoat and the skirt, we can do with but the top is simply hideous. It looks more like a part of your night dress set. If only she had chosen a different top, the outfit wouldn’t have looked so plain and bad after all. Even if she had to go for a white top, a basic one would have looked much better than the one she is wearing. Also, the heels really don’t go with the casual looking outfit. Sneaker would have been a better choice, don’t you think?

Had she chosen a different top, the heels would have looked better with the outfit but since the top is also not adding any glamour to the look, heels are out of question. Noor’s trailer launch had Shibani Dandekar, Kanan Gill, Bhushan Kumar among others. And we really liked what Shibani was wearing. Though it’s a ‘let’s go on a road trip’ kind of outfit, we think it’s better than Sonakshi’s but she’s gotta get rid of that footwear. Shibani and Sonakshi greeted each other with a huge smile and hug at the launch. What do you think about Sonakshi’s outfit?

Have you watched the trailer yet? Check out the trailer and the trailer review right here and stay hooked with us for more.

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Sonakshi Sinha's outfit at the trailer launch of Noor was so not worth it!
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