Sonam Kapoor made head turns at an event last night, but there more reasons behind that what you see at first glance. Her outfit was a black frilly jumpsuit by Rasario. She showed skin which was probably more than she intended to, and it made her latest outing look very unflattering.

It was awkward and borderline raunchy. One bad angle by Sonam towards the cameras and this outing could have taken a disastrous toll. And we know how many perverts in the world are just waiting for an opportunity like this.


Now, we love Sonam wholeheartedly and would not want her to lose her credibility as an actress or as a fashionista. But this outing was drab! The funny thing is that she has flaunted similar dresses in the past with utmost panache and riveting style. How did she miss it this time?



We see that someone from the team informs her of her dress situation, after which she becomes a little conscious on stage. And from there on begins a series of awkward poses. But thankfully, she manages to sail through it without letting the situation becomes a monstrous disaster. The amount of poise and calmness that must have gone into handling the whole situation properly is applause worthy. But hope, there is a lesson learnt.

There have been reports that Sonam has strictly advised her PR team to focus on branding her as an opinionated actress as she is done with fashionista tagged attributed to her. But her outings like these, certainly are not helping her case. In fact, such unflattering attempts at making a style statement are worsening her state. She might just be known for trying too hard to be fashionista after such incidents.

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Sonam Kapoor looks a tad too uncomfortable in this dare bare outfit!
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