From making outrageous statements about co-actors on a talk show to speaking only where it matters the most, Sonam Kapoor has definitely come a long way. There’s more to this woman than just carrying fashion labels and style. In an interview with Femina, the actress revealed that she was groped when she was 13 and had even complained to her teachers about it. Sadly the teachers brushed it off saying that it happens all the time. Now that is one thing that most girls face but a lot of them don’t understand that it’s molestation. Luckily for Sonam, she did know what it was and stood against it.

The actress recalls the incident,” Before I became a celebrity, I was just a regular pretty girl in public. This happened when I was at a movie hall. I was groped by a guy who I couldn’t see in the dark. I was only 13 years old and deeply disturbed by the whole episode. I remember going to my teacher and school counsellor, and telling them about it. They said that everybody is groped; that groping is not molestation. They thought rape was molestation. Even at 13 I knew what it was—that if somebody gropes you or squeezes your breasts, it is molestation. I spoke to my mum about it in order to deal with it.”


She adds,” The level of awareness in our schools is so low; there is no sex education and teachers are not equipped to handle such cases. Our education system just does not know any better. Girls slip into depression. They blame themselves and it’s a horrible place to be in. It’s important for all of us to know that be it India or any other country, there is no safe haven for women. Somebody can grab your behind in a nightclub or a crowd and you need to know that it’s serious, it’s molestation.” We couldn’t agree with her more. Now that’s what we meant when we said, she speaks about things that matter the most.

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Even while we were yet to digest the episode where Gauahar Khan was slapped by a person from the audience on the sets of a reality show, yet another similar incident has come to forth, with a Bollywood top actress being at the receiving end this time.
Actress Madhuri Dixit recently received messages by a 23-year-old man, who threatened to kill her children if she did not pay him. The accused, who allegedly claimed to be close to underworld, has been held by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police.
This is not for the first time when our Bollywood actresses have been the victims of such shameful acts and have paid the price of being famous. We bring to you more such incidents where our Bollywood beauties have faced molestation, proving that be it a common girl or a celebrity, the country is certainly not safe for women!
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Sonam Kapoor opens up about being molested at the age of 13 and poor sex education in schools
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