Sonam Kapoor was recently speaking at an event, and while everyone got busy at poking fun at her for her choice of outfit, there was a bigger story right under our nose. Sonam was asked to comment on Kangana Ranaut’s remarks on nepotism, which she made on Koffee with Karan. Sonam first said she doesn’t know what Kangana had said as she was travelling. A statement that required no more words, was further elaborated with four more sentences. Making the situation go from bad to worse.

Sonam further added that Kangana keeps saying things all the time. “She is very entertaining. I love Kangana,” Sonam said combined with sort of a mocking laugh. “I look forward to her interviews,” she added. After being told by the reporters about the entire matter, she said, “I wish. I have done only one film with him.” Clearly shutting down any claims of nepotism.


It’s funny how the industry seems to have turned blind eye to such blatant nepotism prevailing in the industry. Kangana might just be the only one who dared to speak up against it. Randeep Hooda was asked to comment on the matter at a recent event, and he said, “There is nepotism and there isn’t. If you have the talent no one can keep you down but you have to prove yourself. Kangana has it (talent) and she has done well for herself.” So many talented actors have not even gotten a chance and this is what we hear. We also spoke to Rhea Chakraborty about it, and she said, “I don’t think like that, as such. Of course, there are a lot of people from film families, but it is kind of similar to if you are from a doctor’s family, there is a possibility that you would want to become a doctor. You still have to study for it. You still have to go through years of training. Same way there are actors in Bollywood, who are star kids but it does not mean that they don’t deserve to be where they are. They only made it big because they are good. For example, I think Alia Bhatt is extremely talented. She is sweet looking, she gives a phenomenal performance, and she works. so, I don’t quite agree with the idea (about nepotism). ”

Will Bollywood ever gather the courage to stand up against KJo?

Has Kangana Ranaut made only enemies in B- Town?


After her recent tiff with Karan Johar, it looks like Kangana Ranaut has made more enemies in B- Town than friends. The war of words between Kangana and Karan still continues as Kangy has hit back at Karan again! In an interview with Mumbai Mirror today, the Rangoon actress has lashed out at KJo saying a lot of things. She went on to call Karan a “paid host”. Talking about the “victim card”, Kangana went on to give a befitting reply to Karan as she said, “I use every card possible. At the workplace, it’s the badass card to fight cutthroat competition. With my family and loved ones, it’s the love card. When fighting the world, it’s the dignity card, and for a seat on a bus, it’s the woman card. What is important to understand is that we are not fighting people, we are fighting a mentality. I am not fighting Karan Johar, I am fighting male chauvinism.”

But Karan isn’t the only one. Be it him, Shahid or Deepika; Kangana has never really got along with a lot of celebrities and from what the current scenario looks like, her equation is likely to be the same in the future too. So here’s taking a look at 7 actors who Kangana Ranaut never really got along with.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik tops the list. Simply because of the history he has had with Kangy. Hrithik and Kangana’s war of words took a different turn altogether when it turned into a legal battle between the two. Hrithik slapped Kangana with legal notices and the blame game went on for what it seemed like forever. It has been over a year since Hrithik and Kangana’s legal battle, and Kangy still manages to take a dig at her alleged ex- lover.

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid and Kangana can never ever be friends and that is pretty much evident from the way they have been talking about each other all this while. Though they promoted Rangoon together, the body language spoke volumes about their equation. It all started when Kangana went on to say that her kissing experience with Shahid during Rangoon was “tragedy of a different level. This gross humour probably didn’t go down too well with him, obviously and he said, “I have to tell you that Kangana makes up things in her head. She has a vivid imagination. I don’t remember telling her all this at all.”

Deepika Padukone

Deepika and Kangana’s catfight has been going on since forever now. Last year when Deepika was quizzed about the fight she said that it was all “one- sided”. To which Kangana gave a rather blatant response. “Really!! She said that? Then why she makes these desperate calls to paint a parallel reality and sends never ending cunning texts to invite me for her trials and parties? Well, she seems rather invested in the irrelevant stuff,” she said.

Anand L Rai

Apparently Anand L Rai is miffed with the actress because she has been going on telling people that he is writing a script for her. Just today, Mumbai Mirror has reported that Rai, who has worked with Kangana on two films before, has had a fall out with the actress for spreading false rumours. We wonder what she has to say to that!

Adhyayen Suman

A couple of years ago, Adhyayen made STARTLING statements about Kangana stating she did black magic on him. Adhyayen also spoke at length about how Kangana abused him, hit him, got violent and began ‘eyeing Hrithik’ while she was in a relationship with him. But you know Kangana isn’t someone who will not do anything about it. “As far as all this name calling is concerned, women have been defending themselves for way too long. When they get jealous of the success of a woman, they start calling her a dayan, then she becomes a whore.. then she goes on to become a slut.. and if she is crazily successful she becomes a psychopath. So all of this, its been used and it’s really outdated.”

Aditya Pancholi

Aditya and Kangana’s love affair was the talk of the town back then in 2004. In fact, they even lived together for almost three years but then things turned bitter and well, the rest is just history.

Kangana has had a fallout with quite a few filmmakers too and she has always been unapologetic about it. Don’t you think that this could, in turn, affect her Bollywood career in the near future?\

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