The world today is nerve rattlingly overrun by stress. We are less happy and more stressed. We can’t escape it and we can’t embrace it.

The complexity our modern lifestyle brings in, be it our crazy work schedule, keeping up with the social media, the race to be irreplaceable at the workplace, the tendency to over commit and not being able to deliver is never ending. In the quest to be the best we are left with little or no time to ourselves. We are just trying to be present everywhere and have forgotten to live the simple life.

We no longer have our morning cup of coffee in peace, we don’t go for a peaceful run. It’s not like we don’t try to live a healthy life, it’s just no longer seems to be an easy option. We sleep late, we get up late, we rush our morning routine and take our cars to the gym. We get stuck in the traffic on the way to it, the gym is sometimes a little bit more crowded, the reaching to work on time is rushed again and then the day takes another toll. A hundred meetings, the thousand phone calls, the million deadlines and the race again to wind up the work soon.

We have forgotten to be at peace, we have forgotten how to take a day off, we have forgotten to spend time with our family. Global urbanization and the dependency on technology has scarred our generation today.

Stress in today's lifestyle!

Everyone today is eager to know the other person’s whereabouts, leaving the cell phone constantly pinging. The efficiency to respond to all of it is a full-time job. In between accessing the information and sharing one’s own there is merely any privacy left.

To top that, we are constantly on the battle ground fighting a war on the outside world and within. It’s a war for survival and we put our best foot forward. But what is also true is this is what makes us, how ever crazy we sound.

The deadlines have to be met. the job is supposed to be done on time, being off social media is not even an option and the polluted air we breathe in has no escape. We can’t stop living the way we live as it what gets us bread and butter.

We are trapped in the world we built for ourselves, long forgotten that we were just trying to make our lives easier. It’s become an unforgiving living state where our lifestyle has challenged our ability to live healthily and live in the moment. We have forgotten what it is to be present in a situation, we are always planning our next step, our next move.

While stress is not leaving us or our lifestyle anytime soon, in spite of reducing, it’s on its way to being an epidemic. We are just one step closer to a mental breakdown. So what do we do? What would be our escape? How do we eliminate the stress levels?

There are a lot of ways to it. Exercise, yoga, high-intensity workouts to let go of all the tensions or meditation. There is also a product that we have come across that might help – Siddham: Antidote to Stress that has been known to get the desired results.