There was a lot of buzz created when Supreme Court made it mandatory to play National Anthem before movies played in a theatre. While some respected this decision, many renowned people from the industry expressed their opinion otherwise. Catch a glimpse of what these famous names had said:

Ram Gopal Verma:


Shouldn’t #NationalAnthem be printed on every newspaper everyday on its front page before we start reading the news from 2nd page onwards ?

Shouldn’t the #NationalAnthem be played before every song that plays on Radio because it’s entertaining people ?

Shirish Kunder:


I’m a little disappointed with the #NationalAnthem ruling. Why just #NationalAnthem? Why not Yoga as well? Also a little Surya Namaskar.

#NationalAnthem ruling is a good initiative towards patriotism. The movie BORDER should also be compulsory before every movie screening.

Shekhar Kapoor:


Hope Supreme Court orders Indian Parliament to sing our Nation Anthem before each session. Often its drama too is movie like #nationalanthem

Vir Das:


We are gonna play the National Anthem in a cinema before watching the Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel. That makes sense.

And now the topic is again in news. Dangal has national anthem played in middle of the film and some incidences were reported where people were made to stand.

The Supreme Court has clarified that people are not obliged to stand up when the National Anthem is played as a part of a film, newsreel or a documentary.

A bench of Justices Dipak Misra and R Banumathi made this clear after one of the petitioners said that the apex court should clarify if people are expected to stand when the National Anthem is played in a film, newsreel or documentary.

“It is clarified that when the National Anthem is played as part of the storyline of a film, newsreel or a documentary the audience need not stand,” the bench said.

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Supreme Court makes this important on National Anthem being played before movies
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