So much has been said lately about ‘nepotism in Indian film industry’. A very few have called it out, many thought it was okay, and a few, including star kids, outright denied the existence of nepotism here. The latest one to speak her mind on the on going debate is Taapsee Pannu. The actress who will be next seen in action thriller Naam Shabana, admitted that there is nepotism that persists in the industry but also added that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it ends someone else’s career.

Taapsee was asked to comment on Kangana Ranaut’s recent statements on nepotism, and she said “I am a proud outsider, nobody forced me to come into the industry. I was aware of the nepotism that exists in the industry and even then, I decided to be a part of it. I don’t like playing the victim card.” Is this her own personal stand or is it a sly dig at Kangana? She further added that there are filmmakers who happily work with outsiders like Shoojit Sircar and Neeraj Pandey.

“You might lose out on some projects because of nepotism, but something else will come your way. You can’t keep blaming nepotism for not getting work. I wasn’t even passionate about acting and probably, that worked in my favour because I didn’t see films as the be all and end all of my life. You will get your fair share of work despite having no connections in the industry and I am the living example of that. It is a game and nepotism is part of it. Play your outsider card if you have to.” she further added. The last line that she uttered is clearly in support of Kangana. Don’t you think?

Along with Taapsee, Naam Shabana also stars Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher. “It was intimidating, as I was surrounded by accomplished actors. I don’t get intimidated by the biggest of stars, but when I know that I am sharing my workspace with brilliant actors, it’s tough not to be in awe. Neeraj doesn’t scream or shout, but his sarcastic one-liners can be potent. It was one of the most serious sets I have ever been a part of. Even the jokes were delivered with a poker straight face. On the other hand, I am somebody who talks a lot and laughs out loud. I think I was the most I dramatic person on the film’s set.” she said while talking about the experience of working with them