Puzzled as to why are you seeing all your favorite celebs are holding their middle finger up along with the lipstick? Well, it’s a part of the campaign for the most controversial and the most unabashed movie of the year ‘Lipstick under my burka’! The campaign is set to fight against patriarchy, to be ‘in the face’ for anyone who dictates a woman on how she should live her life.
Lipstick Under My Burkha made headlines when the censor board put a ban on the movie calling it too ‘lady oriented’ content. But these women didn’t give in and kept fighting till the board gave it a green signal. And that’s exactly why with the release date coming near the # 3lipstickrebellion has stirred up a social media frenzy with all the mirroring the poster.
The campaign was kickstarted by Ekta Kapoor when she took to Instagram with a very strong message and hashtag #lipstickrebellion. It was followed by many celebs giving the middle finger to the anyone undermining the freedom of women and spread like wildfire.
1. Daughters can take on their fathers’ legacies, too!
2. Don’t let the society tell you what to do. 

3. Don’t Tell Boys’ Stories They Said

Don't Tell Boys' Stories They Said #lipstickrebellion #lipstickundermyburkha

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4. They said “Don’t” bother trying, you may not make it. 

5. they said girls can’t ride bikes

6. I stand by the brave babes behind “LIPSTICK”

7. Don’t tell us what to do!

Don't tell us what to do! #lipstickrebellion

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8. Don’t dictate the length of my skirt!

9. Don’t sit like a boy they said!

10. Too old, too foreign they said.

11. Real men stand with strong woman!

12. I stand with Lipstick Rebellion too!