A couple of weeks back Mahesh Bhatt received an extortion call, that threatened to kill his wife Soni, and daughter Alia Bhatt if a certain amount was not given to him. The man was nabbed from Lucknow a few days later, after Mahesh lodged a complaint. The accused, named Sandeep Sahu, has now been granted bail.

Sandeep’s lawyers cited that he could only be booked for ‘criminal intimidation’ (section 506 of the IPC) and not ‘extortion’ (section 387 of the IPC). “For this section of extortion to be applicable, there should be some transfer of valuable security or money, grievous hurt or injury. However, there is no such thing in the present case. The police in their overzealousness has booked him for a graver offense,” Sudha Dwivedi, one of his lawyers, told a news daily.

Sandeep will be out of jail very soon, on a bail for Rs 20,000. He would have to visit the police station every Sunday between 2-4 pm. Granting Sandeep bail will not affect the ongoing investigation, as per chief metropolitan magistrate. Sandeep planned the whole thing to extract money from Mahesh, as he wanted to repay a loan of Rs 6 lakhs that he had taken from his relatives.

According to reports, Sandeep posed as Babloo Srivastava and threatened to kill Soni and Alia if Rs 50 lakh were not transferred to his bank account. Mahesh initially thought it was a prank. But the number of calls increased, and texts and WhatsApp messages followed. Bhatt lodged a complaint with Mumbai police, and the accused was nabbed within 12 hours.

Back when the incident was making headlines, Alia Bhatt did not seem to be affected much by it. She answered questions regarding the threat call without any fear visible on face. She said that she doesn’t need to be brave about the incident, as her father and Mumbai police are being so brave. A funny incident also occurred when Alia misheard ‘jaan se maarne ki dhamki’ as ‘chance marne ki dhamki’ during a media interaction.

Clearly, the Bhatt don’t give two damns about men like the one who made the phone call.

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