Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, can you stop looking SO adorable all the time? Actually, don’t coz then we might fall short of our cute for the day. I mean, no seriously! One look at the above picture and you will know what we are trying to say. While up till now we were only getting to see them twinning in matching outfits or say walking hand in hand like the cutest love birds in town.

This time they decided to further up their level of cuteness by also twinning their half-ponies together. Yes, can you believe it? Probably this is the first time Mira has tied a half pony for she usually prefers leaving her hair open but then when in love, guess they have their own belief on “those who make their hair together, stay together” Sounds lame but you know how cheesy lovers can get, right?

No complaints, we’re totally loving this cuteness overload coming from Shahid and Mira. Reminds us of all those loving times when these sweethearts have set relationship goals – Whether it’s how beautifully they are respecting their arranged marriage or say how well they compliment each others’ choices be it professionally or personally, Shahid and Mira are proving that you can fall in love, even after getting married.

Not to mention, Shahid and Mira are also blessed with their little bundle of joy – Misha who is just about 5 months old. Maybe after a few months, we might also get to see a family picture of Shahid, Mira and Misha twinning their half ponies – Aww, now that would make for a picture perfect moment, isn’t it?






With Shahid turning 36 this February 25, it’s left to see what surprises Mira has in store for her loving hubby. Probably a romantic getaway? In fact, considering Shahid’s film Rangoon too is finally releasing tomorrow, guess it’s the best time to go for a vacay! Mira, we know you have the same thing in mind, amirite?

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