Moonlight has surely grasped our attention, thanks to it’s coming of age concept. While the story chronicles the three stages of a black boy, trying to understand himself in different phases of life, he also needs to find a balance in his existence. Played by Rhodes, 26, Ashton Sanders, 20, and Alex R. Hibbert 12, the actors never really met until after the film was done shooting!

Can you believe that? Well, as actors, it becomes imperative for them to find out who their co-star is or about the other artistes who will be working with them in the project. But for director Barry Jenkins, the rules are extremely unique and different. As Chiron, the protagonist’s life sees different kind of challenges in different stages of him growing up, there were three actors chosen for the role.


However, the director ensured that they’re different people with nothing but one aspect that binds them together.

“I really wanted them to be different people. Same character, different people. But there was this spiritual, cosmic connection through the eyes,” said Jenkins. The film also stars Starring Mahershala Ali, Namoie Harris, Janelle Monae, Andre Holland and more. If you think this is a weird practise of the director, wait till you read more about a few lesser known facts about Barry while filming Moonlight.

Barry and his producer Adele Romanski actually video called each other in the initial stages of the movie, to complete the script! There are more such facts about the film that we bet you don’t know.

Moonlight is going to release in India on February 17, that is Friday. The film is going to have a rough competition with Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 2 as well as Bollywood movies, The Ghazi Attack, Running Shaadi, Irada. Wow, some long list of movies here. However, there’s nothing much for the film to worry about. With eight Oscar nominations, the movie speaks volumes of how brilliant it is.

A lot of critics from the West even called it a masterpiece. Perhaps, this coming of age film could swoop away all the attention. Let’s hope for the same. But before we sign off, we hope you’re aware of the fact that we’re holding a contest for Moonlight. The winners get free couple tickets to the film. All you gotta do is follow our Facebook page for all updates on the same!

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Three main leads of Oscar nominated film Moonlight never shot together!
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