There was a time when Govinda was often considered the ultimate hero of Bollywood. he could dance, act, do action, emote, all effortlessly. He was what people used to call the quintessential hero of Bollywood. And he was at his prime in 90s. There was a time when people used to throng to theatres to watch his films and other actors used to be scared to release their film alongside Govinda’s.

But as they say change is the only constant thing in this world and that change happened with the turn of millennium and Govinda joined politics. He took a sabbatical from films and when he returned a few years later, a lot had changed which he couldn’t adapt to. After trying his luck quite a few times as second lead, a comic, a villain, Govinda finally decided to take reigns in his own hand made a film to relaunch him as a hero. The film which was earlier titled Abhinay Chakra was refurbished into Aa Gaya Hero.


The film which was earlier slated for a February 24 release was pushed to March 3 release, which was then postponed a week before the said date to March 16 and now looks like it may not hit the screens even on the new release date. According to mid-day, it is learnt the actor, who has been busy promoting his comeback movie, hasn’t been able to find a distributor. A distributor-exhibitor, on condition of anonymity, reveals that the actor is willing to pay distributors to release the film.

“The movie is a repackaged version of Abhinay Chakra, which was supposed to release in 2015, but was postponed indefinitely. In today’s day and age, when Bollywood films have high-octane action sequences and fine VFX, ‘Aa Gaya Hero’ looks dated. Apart from Govinda’s dancing, there’s no novelty factor. The promos and songs aren’t doing well either. There’s no buzz around the film in the trade circuit. With the movie set to run into Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri and Rajkummar Rao’s Trapped, the decision to release it on March 17 is questionable,” said the distributor-exhibitor.

Govinda is yet to comment on the same.

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Tough times ahead for Govinda's Aa Gaya Hero
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