Varun Dhawan returned to Mumbai after a short break only to be greeted with rumours and reports that he was on a holiday with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal. We even shared pics from the airport where the duo were spotted. However, here’s a twist in the tale. Turns out it wasn’t a romantic rendezvous for the actor but a mere work call. The actor has revealed that he didn’t holiday with his girlfriend but leave the country for a professional reason. Varun neither denies not accepts the presence of a girl in his life. But he outright denies the holiday rumours. “I was in Bangkok shooting for an ad. I was not holidaying with anyone. This is just a section of the media flirting with speculation.” Oh interesting! That means probably Natasha accompanied him for his shoot. Because clearly, the duo were together as they returned and it can’t get THIS coincidental!

So why is Varun denying his girlfriend’s presence in his life when all his friends know she is very much part of his life?

“I am not denying anything,” says Varun. “I just don’t want to talk about my personal life. And it is with reason. If I talk about my personal life, the focus will shift away from my work. Right now, I only want to concentrate on my acting and nothing else. Surely I can do that?” Of course he can.

So will he hide his marriage when it happens?

Varun laughs. “No, no. I won’t hide my marriage, if and when it happens. Like I said I am not hiding anything. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my relationships. There are many people in my life who are close to me. My brother, my parents, my driver, my man-Friday…I don’t talk about them either.”

Varun says he will desist from giving interviews for a while. “I’ve nothing to say until my next film releases.”

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