Varun Dhawan is gearing up for the release of his next film in March, Badrinath Ki Dulhania. It stars Alia Bhatt opposite him and from the look of it, the film will be stellar. A perfect mix of entertainment, drama, emotions and some dialogue baazi.

The first film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania was such an awesome entertainer that we can watch even today. The way Varun falls for Alia and the latter decides to only marry in a lehenga worn by Kareena Kapoor, it was very relevant and classy.

The sequel promises to be even better and to promote that the actor is busy doing a lot of activities. Today he decided to talk to his fans and gave out some really interesting tit bits about him.


But before we give a list of all that, one revelation that left us squealing with joy is his acceptance that he will attend Justin Bierber’s India concert on May 10. He confirmed that on this Twitter chat when somebody asked him about it. So you know he will definitely be there at the event. As for the rest, stay tuned to this space to know more about which other celebrities will attend the tour on that day. Names like Shah Rukh Khan, Arijit Singh are doing the rounds, just FYI.

Now that’s not the only thing that he mentioned here. There’s more! Check out his tweets right here.

When asked about his many girlfriends….WICKED!

Kajal Sinha @kajalrk35

@Varun_dvn #Varunsays how many girl friends u had since ur childhood ….pls tell the truth…

Varun Badri Dhawan ✔@Varun_dvn

@kajalrk35 my mother has told me to set a good example so I won’t give a number #Varunsays

On turning a vegetarian…

Sαмαᴮᴷᴰ♡ @VarunSama_x

@Varun_dvn do you have the courage to give up chicken and become a vegetarian? #varunsays

Varun Badri Dhawan  ✔@Varun_dvn

@VarunSama_x that’s a very difficult thing to do I could do it maybe #Varunsays

On his fav cartoon characters…Bravo is ours fav too!

Sadia Alia💘 @525alia1

@Varun_dvn whats your favourrite cartoon ??

Varun Badri Dhawan  @Varun_dvn

@525alia1 swat cats, top cat, johnny bravo #Varunsays

On his Badri accent

Ishika. ❤ @itzIshika

@Varun_dvn How was it getting your accent correct for Badri? #BKDInBhopal #VarunSays

Varun Badri Dhawan @Varun_dvn

@itzIshika we did workshops for almost 2 months. It was a difficult process I hope I have managed to become badri #Varunsays


On handling success and criticism

Sankit @sankitdreams

@Varun_dvn How u handle Success & Criticism ? #VarunSays

Varun Badri Dhawan ✔@Varun_dvn

@sankitdreams I don’t take them very seriously I like the criticism #Varunsays


On working with his idol Dwayne Johnson

ANGEL❤️ @AngelVarun_dvn

@Varun_dvn #Varunsays will do a film with the @TheRock ?

Varun Badri Dhawan  ✔@Varun_dvn

@AngelVarun_dvn @TheRock would obviously love too #VarunSays

About his fav WWE superstar

f i ℓ i s . 💞 @filis02

@Varun_dvn something I always wanted to know, who is you favourite female wwe superstar?#varunsays

Varun Badri Dhawan ✔@Varun_dvn

@filis02 Charlotte right now #VarunSays

About being called the next Salman Khan

Salman Khan @SultansSoldier

@Varun_dvn Many are saying you are the Next Salman Khan ? What’s your take on this? #VarunSays

Varun Badri Dhawan ✔@Varun_dvn

@SultansSoldier there only one Salman Bhai im just myself #VarunSays

About his future projects

Altaf Shaikh @Iam_DevdasAltaf

@Varun_dvn Which further projects are you most excited for??? #VarunSays

Varun Badri Dhawan ✔@Varun_dvn

@Iam_DevdasAltaf #Judwaa2 and one more which I can’t tell u  #VarunSays

About his top speed…

Bhaijaan Rocks @Bhaijaan_Rocks

from @armaan_rashi@Varun_dvn what’s your favorite super car and till today what’s your top speed on any car? #VarunSays

Varun Badri Dhawan ✔@Varun_dvn

@Bhaijaan_Rocks @Armaan_Rashi ahh difficult one I have really driven fast then 135 I’d say. What’s your highest speed

Varun definitely had a great time chatting with his fans. Don’t you think so?

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Varun Dhawan opened up about a lot of things on this Twitter chat
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