Given her extensive history of hair color experimentation, it’s safe to say that Katy Perry has never met a vibrant hue she didn’t like (or wouldn’t take for a test drive, at the very least).

We’re so used to seeing the star decked out in her usual bold, flashy statement shades that her more conventional looks actually seem more shocking than the unorthodox colors she usually opts for. Theory of relativity, and all.

To wit: The Roar singer’s newest hair transformation is as dramatic a change as it gets, but by comparison it seems surprisingly tame. And really, really pretty. But make no mistake, Perry looks totally different with the fresh ‘do.


“New life who dis,” she captioned the Instagram reveal, echoing the sentiments of anyone who’s ever deviated from their beauty comfort zone in hopes that it’d change their lives. (Though we’re sure Katy’s life is very, very pleasant as is.)

Considering that Katy was spotted out and about recently with her hair a pale, slightly washed-out yellow hue, the telltale sign of a gradual dark-to-light transition, we’re erring on the side of this new color being the real deal. But if not? Well, our vote is on her making it legit ASAP.

Thankfully, we’ll be able to get a better look this Sunday when Katy performs at the Grammys. That’s right: She announced on Twitter last night that she’ll be gracing the awards show’s stage once again. What did we do to deserve all this exciting news?

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We Love Katy Perry's New Hair Colour
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