Aamir Khan and Fatima Shaikh’s admiration for each other hasn’t ended with Dangal. The papz were in for a surprise when they spotted Aamir and Fatima stepping out of a Bandra gym last night. Now we dunno if they are secretly prepping up for a film or is it a special workout routine they have formed for each other but then knowing how Aamir is not even a fitness freak, we are really curious to know what’s going behind this gym bonding.

This isn’t the first time Aamir and Fatima have been spotted together, apart from film promotions. They have stepped out together as Dangal buddies several times in the past where the last time, the photogs had even snapped them dining together at a suburban restaurant. Probably, it’s like how Alia Bhatt means to Karan Johar, Aamir now wants to groom Fatima like his favouritest protege.


The current talk in the town suggests how Aamir was also keen to cast Fatima in his next – Thugs Of Hindostan. However  producer Aditya Chopra didn’t show much interest in having her on board because the scenes involve dreamy romance and he believes the audience wouldn’t appreciate the fact Aamir-Fatima, who played father-daughter in Dangal have now taken up to romancing onscreen.

Well, let’s see what bigger plans Aamir has for Fatima.  Check out the pictures and do keep watching this space for more updates on this hot story!

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What's with Aamir Khan's obsession with his Dangal girl Fatima Sana Sheikh?
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