Why is Hrithik Roshan hiding his hair lately? Are you just as puzzled about it? Well, the cat’s finally out of the bag! Turns out it has to do with his haircut that has resulted in sudden fascination for beanies. In case you didn’t notice, for quite a while now, the actor has been sporting an ‘out of work’ look which has him don a beanie. While it seemed cool at first, it got interesting because it became too recurrent. It almost felt like Hrithik was hiding his look for an unknown upcoming project or something! However, turns out it is a bad haircut that resulted in the beanie obsession! A report on Mid-day has stated that the reason why the actor is covering his tresses is because of a bad haircut. Well, he is not happy with the new style.

The first time we noticed Roshan with a beanie was at the airport when he returned for Zee Cine Awards 2017. Little did we know that he would continue the look at the red carpet as well! He was wearing a black beanie and a black ensemble for the evening. When the paparazzi asked him to comment on this look he is sporting, the actor simply said it was his ‘out of work’ look. But just like that, his out of work look continued for quite a period of two weeks, which made everyone suspicious. Of course, initially, we thought it was perhaps him hiding his look for an upcoming secret project or something. But guess the reason is very relatable.

Professionally, we hear the actor is up for Kabir Khan’s next. That’s not all, it is upto him to choose who will be his leading lady in the film. Hrithik had confirmed with a daily saying, “Working with Kabir is going to be fantastic. And I feel very assured (working) with Sajid,” while Kabir on his part had added, “Hrithik, Sajid (Nadiadwala) bhai and I have been very eager to work together for a while now. So it’s happening, for sure.” While we’re unaware of any more details about the project, we hear that Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Kriti Sanon are contesting to bag the role opposite the blue eyed boy! We’re super excited to know who will finally take home the role but till then, we just hope Roshan’s tresses obey him and he’s able to get rid of the beanie again. Because it’s really not a flattering style pick!

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