“I am not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes?” – Carrie Bradshaw.

We wonder what Carrie Bradshaw has to say about these new stilettoes launched by Yves Saint Laurent. The fashion house with their brand new creative director Anthony Vaccarello launched a roller skate-stiletto hybrid in its latest accessories collection.

You know the very moment in fashion when you see and tell yourself it’s really impractical and you couldn’t possibly think of one place where you would wear that thing to?  But at the same time, you have to absolutely have them? Enter Yves Saint Laurent’s latest must-have accessory – the ‘roller skate stilettos’. Yes, you really did hear us correctly. Literally, a stiletto attached to rollers.

It’s 3-inch stiletto heels, with a roller-skate wheel attached to the bottom and a kick-stop break – because isn’t it just a cake walk walking in a normal pair of heels.


Image Source: http://www.ysl.com/wx

It comes in two retro designs, one embellished with a Roy Lichtenstein-esque pin-up smoking a cigarette on a background of metallic lightning bolts and the other one is a snake print and feather design.

The Anja 100 Patch Pop Pump Roller stilettos are part of YSL’s autumn/winter collection and they seem to be channeling a Roy Lichtenstein pop up aesthetic for the pair.

The fashion house has also released a beginner-friendly sneaker version too if you wish to gradually work your way up to the stiletto roller-skate. Both pairs will only be available in-store, with the heels costing around $3,300.

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 They very much take back to those fine memories of retro American diners where the waitresses would take you orders in roller skates. It does briefly give us the Frenchie from Grease vibes but we can’t help but picture what would like Monica look like in them when she worked at that weird diner in Friends.

Our opinion? Well, you never say never in fashion and especially when the look is so hot, just might wanna be careful while sipping on those long Islands and the cosmopolitans!

And this is what the Twiretti had to say: